Harmonic Healing Sounds Qigong Techniques & Workshops


 Jay Emmanuel, A.K., N.S., V.M.

Discover your own healing powers through the art of “Harmonic Healing Sounds Qigong.” This power technique can Activate Healing, Rejuvenation and Protection.

This powerful millenary technique can potentiate your Immune, nervous, endocrine, digestive systems, your mind, body and spirit.

It helps to balance the right and left brain hemispheres. Potentiates mental powers, increases focus and activates greater mental clarity. Learn to activate the Qi or Chi energy power for your own self-healing and to help heal others. It rejuvenates and energizes all biological systems of the body at the cellular level. It helps to raise the vibrational and spiritual frequency of the practitioner. It help your love relationships, family, money, profession, work and mainly for good health maintenance.  

“Qi” or “Chi” is the energy of life and is invisible. We cannot see it, but we can feel its existence. When we incorporate the dynamic movement of our body and hands in combination with “Harmonic Healing Sounds Qigong” a powerful vibrational energy frequency is activated that travels through the meridians, the energy centers and chakras within our body. It regenerates the functions of the nervous system, heart, muscles, strengthens the immune system and helps activate the healing process of the body, mind and spirit in a natural way.

The term “Qi” means energy, “Gong” means to cultivate and “Healing Harmonic Sounds” means to create and activate healing. The Bible: In the beginning “God spoke and by his word the light was created, the universe, and everything that inhabits on Earth.” The sound originated the energy of creation that gave expression to all forms of life in the universe and on planet Earth. The greatness of God made the sound through the word that gave rise to the frequency of love that manifested all creation. Love is the most power energy in the universe that creates, regenerates, transforms and heals. Qi Gong is to cultivate the energy of life and love that comes from the universe, from nature and from the elements that activate balance and healing in our bodies, mind and spirit. “Yin Yang”.

“Harmonic Healing Sounds Qigong” through the dynamic and coordinated movement of our hands, the movement of the body, the correct use of pranayama breathing and the infinite mental power, is one of the most effective natural holistic practice for maximum power today. Through this practice a powerful protective energy is activated, the energy blockages are released from the meridians and organs of the body. It stimulate and activates the natural healing process of all the biological systems of the body at the cellular lever and rejuvenate. 

However, very little is known about this revolutionary practice in the West. In order to appreciate and learn the full potential of “Harmonic Healing Sounds Qigong,” the use of the dynamic movement of the hands and body, in combination with “Pranayama Breathing.” I have designed a workshop program for beginners that facilitates the basic concepts about this powerful and unknown practice.

Learning “Harmonic Healing Sounds Qi Gong,” and the Dynamic Movements of the Hands, Body and Pranayama Breathing Technique” is easy, fun and a powerful practice that will offer you excellent benefits for good health maintenance.

The Infinite Universal Power resides within each one of us, and when we learn to cultivate our inner powers, we awaken faculties and creative energies that will transform our lives. J.E.M.


The basic intensive workshop can be held a whole day, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, covering an average of 8 hours, where a conference will be presented on the art and energy science of “Healing Harmonic Sound Qi Gong”  I incorporate Power Point presentations with scientific evidence and information about the effectiveness of this practice, documentary film, and continues with several hours of physical teaching practice about the dynamics of the body and hands movements, the rhythmic pranayama breathing techniques and the Powerful Healing Sounds. This workshop will include a manual with the description of this practice. It is recommended to wear light and comfortable clothes. Cost: $ 125.00 USD. A Certificate of workshop approval will be granted.

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