Sound Analysis

The Report of Freezing Crystal Photograph of Water I.H.M Research Institute

To those whom requested the photography of the freezing crystal water

(Greeting from Head of I.H.M Research Institute’ Masaru Emoto)

Water is the most necessary substance for the life of the human beings. You can understand about it, if you consider the moisture content of a man’s inside of the body. Generally, it is said that 90% or more of the embryonic body is moisture. In infants, about 65-70% is moisture and about 80% at an adult, and also the amount in the living body of moisture decreases as age is piled up.

It is not only important to take in a required quantity of water inside of the body. There is a problem of the quality of water. For instance, the area with many long-life people is mostly blessed with water with high-quality nature in every corner of the earth. To say other words, now, it is becoming common sense that the health and quality of water, which are drunk every day, have deep relation.

    Now, water that we drink or use hardly contains a detrimental substance and it’s completely satisfactory in ingredient, however, the quality of water is of infinite variety. It is becoming clear that the quality of water is reflected in the form of the crystal photograph of water. I would be pleased if you who saw photographs that were reported here had deep understanding and a great interest to water. Observation report.

Client’s name Jay Emmanuel Morales, A.K.,N.S

Sample : “The Power of Harmonic Sound and Vibrations” Photography conditions Freezing temperature: -25 degree ± 2 degree (Freezing time: About 4 hours) Observation temperature: -5 degree + 2 degree Observation apparatus: Olympus microscope (Magnification X 200) The number of sample: 50 samples were frozen.


At this laboratory, we’ve been freezing various kinds of water and observing their crystals. As the result, we’ve found out that, materialistically speaking, the water tends to generate well ordered hexagonal crystals that contain minerals in a good balance. Energetically speaking, the water has a good HADO. Natural water that springs from the lands where beautiful scenery of nature remains creates more beautiful crystals than the tap water that was treated artificially by adding chemicals such as chlorine.

We were able to take pictures of some beautiful crystal patterns when we let our lab’s distilled water listen to your song, “The Power of Harmonic Sound and Vibrations”, the eight songs in your CD. In addition, we sometimes put an arrow (I) to show a sequence of photographs of the same water crystal that was taken serially. I.H.M Research Institute.




First Chakra: Muladhara



Musical Tone “C” (DO) 396 Mhz = 9


Second Chakra : Svadhistana



Musical Tone “D” (Re) 417 Mhz = 3


Third Chakra : Manipura


Musical Tone “E” (Mi) 528 Mhz = 6


Fourt Chakra: Anahata




Musical Tone “F” (Fa) 639 Mhz = 9


Fifth Chakra: Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra


Fifth Chakra


Musical Tone “G” (Sol) 741 Mhz = 3


Sixth Chakra: Ajna, or Third Eye


Sixth Chakra


Musical Tone “A” (La) 852 Mhz = 6


Seventh Chakra: Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra


Seventh Chakra


Musical Tone “B” (Si) = 9


“Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations” (Musical Theme)


Musical Theme


All musical tones combined